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Letters, sounds, and blends all bewildered my four-year-old mind. Learning to read was a painful process which my mother approached with resolved persistence while I battled knots in my stomach with each phonetic attempt. The true breakthrough didn't occur until the third grade when Amelia Bedelia tickled my literary fancy sending me soaring with words as my wings. My mother's persistence had paid off. I LOVED reading. More than loved...I adored it!

That passion for children's literature has only strengthened with time. Although I could devour a 1500 page novel as readily as a cupcake (which of course never occurs these days as a mom with two little ones...the book not the cupcake), I find that eating up the children's section at Barnes and Noble is just as delectable. A well told story in 15 or fewer pages with brilliant illustrations...ahh...savory and sweet at the same time!

As I build this new creative space called, Darling Loves (a spin off from my clothing and styling shop, The Borrowed Boutique), I want to share with you the things that inspire the creativity. Each darling party, play date, photoshoot, and travel adventure is consistently shaped in some way by a story. And, while many of these stories have been around for ages, each time I turn their pages I find something fresh and new to bring to life. Don't get me wrong. The new stuff is spectacular too! Many of you are looking for that magic spark to create inspired artistry of your own. Look no further than your own child's books!


Emma & Darling Loves...where childish wonder never grows old