How Rich is Chrichan Larsson? Discover his Net Worth Here! 

 May 31, 2023


Are you familiar with the famous Swedish professional football player Christer “Chrichan” Larsson? He’s a former striker who played for various football clubs such as Helsingborgs IF, PSV Eindhoven, and Feyenoord. Throughout his football career, he managed to attain a considerable level of fame and fortune. But just how rich is Chrichan Larsson? In this blog post, we will dive deep into Chrichan Larsson’s net worth and discover how he became so wealthy.

Early Life and Career:

Chrichan Larsson was born on July 16, 1970, in Hörby, Sweden. He initiated his football career with his local club Hörby FF, before joining Helsingborgs IF in 1990. He made his debut in the Swedish Allsvenskan league, and within a year, he became Helsingborg’s top scorer. Chrichan also played for multiple foreign clubs, including PSV Eindhoven and Feyenoord.

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Chrichan Larsson’s Net Worth:

Through his successful football career, endorsement deals, and other income sources, Chrichan Larsson has accumulated a net worth of approximately $16 million USD.

Endorsement Deals:

In addition to his football career earnings, Chrichan Larsson has also made a significant income through endorsement deals. In 1996, he entered into a sponsorship agreement with Nike, which helped him generate substantial revenue throughout his playing days. Today, Chrichan remains linked with Nike as an ambassador.

Real Estate Investments:

Chrichan Larsson has invested his wealth generously in real estate. In 1999, he purchased a luxurious beach house in Särö, near Gothenburg, Sweden, worth $2.76 million USD. The property spreads over an area of approximately 3,600 square feet and includes a separate guesthouse, spa, and gym.

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Retirement and Current Ventures:

Chrichan Larsson formally retired from professional football in 2006. After retiring from football, he started working as a sports commentator for various Swedish TV networks. Furthermore, he owns a soccer school called “Team Chrichan” that aims at providing training to young footballers.


1. What is Chrichan Larsson’s real name?
Christer Larsson is more commonly known as Chrichan Larsson in the football world.

2. What is Chrichan’s net worth?
Chrichan Larsson’s net worth is $16 million USD.

3. Who did Chrichan Larsson sign his first sponsorship deal with?
Chrichan Larsson signed his first sponsorship agreement with Nike in 1996.

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4. What is the worth of Chrichan Larsson’s beach house in Särö?
Chrichan Larsson’s beach house in Särö is worth $2.76 million USD.

5. What is “Team Chrichan”?
“Team Chrichan” is a soccer academy founded by Chrichan Larsson to provide training and coaching to young footballers.

6. When did Chrichan retire from professional football?
Chrichan Larsson retired from professional football in 2006.

7. What TV networks did Chrichan work for as a sports commentator?
After retiring from football, Chrichan Larsson worked as a sports commentator for various Swedish TV networks, including TV4 and Viasat Sport.


From his early life to his football career, endorsement deals, and real estate investments, Chrichan Larsson’s net worth is evidence of his hard work and dedication. Despite his retirement from professional football, Chrichan continues to work as a sports commentator and owns a successful soccer academy. If you’re a fan of Swedish football or simply admire Chrichan’s success story, visit “Team Chrichan” and explore his rich legacy in the world of football.

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