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 April 21, 2023

They don’t call spring the season of change for nothing. Temperatures are getting warmer and days are getting longer after a long (and most likely cold) winter. These welcome weather changes bring out the sexy vibes in everyone.


Romantic Adventures Pearl can help you take full advantage of this newfound sexual energy, but you still might wonder why you feel this primal urge to get busy when the flowers bloom. This article will help you understand why spring is the perfect time to embrace all the sexual energy buzzing around you and show you exactly how to do it. 


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Why Spring Makes You Want to Get Busy

If you’ve spent most of the fall and winter seasons mostly indifferent about sex and romance, you are not alone. There’s a good reason why many animals hibernate in winter. They certainly aren’t the sexiest of seasons.


With cold weather and shorter than regular daylight hours, winter is often a season that people focus on just getting through rather than embracing and enjoying. For that reason, when the first signs of spring show up, it’s a cause for celebration.


But what does that have to do with sex? Here at Romantic Adventures Pearl, we have noticed that every year around this time, people are full of renewed sexual energy. As it turns out, there are plenty of good reasons spring makes you feel like having more sex or trying new things with your significant other.

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Here are our top five reasons why you are ready to spring into action in the bedroom (and beyond) as we say goodbye to winter:


1. Change Is Exciting


Although there are four seasons, the change from winter to spring is the most noticeable.

Gone are the short days, cold weather, and bad moods. Instead, we welcome longer, sun-filled days, warmer weather, and good spirits! If that doesn’t sound like the recipe for romantic adventures and sexy experiences, I don’t know what does.


One way to embrace change is to try a new toy in the bedroom. If you haven’t tried the “Womanizer,” now is the time. A favorite of both staff and customers at Romantic Adventures Pearl, this toy is incredibly versatile and can help you usher in the spring with unbelievable orgasms.

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2. The Sunshine Vitamin Makes You Feel Good


Most people nowadays are deficient in vitamin D. This is especially true in the winter because we simply see less sunshine because of the shorter days and colder temperatures.

Even if you take a daily vitamin D supplement, there is no substitute for the vitamin D from sunlight absorbed into your skin.


Why is vitamin D important? In addition to being good for overall health, men should pay extra attention to the sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D levels are directly correlated to testosterone levels.


When one is high, so is the other. Optimal levels of vitamin D will ensure you feel and perform at your best in and out of the bedroom.

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3. The Ultimate Hormone Cocktail


Are you wondering why your significant other suddenly looks more attractive to you in the spring? It’s not in your head; you are experiencing a rush of hormones that make you feel good.


You can thank the heady cocktail of oxytocin, noradrenaline, and dopamine for those good vibes that have you wanting to have a quickie before work or try something new in the bedroom. Those three hormones combine to give you higher energy levels and better moods, which can contribute to a higher sex drive.


At Romantic Adventures Pearl, we want to give you the tools to take advantage of the natural sexual energy flowing through you in the spring. Now might be a good time to invest in some good lube, so you’re ready for all the extra sex you’ll be having.

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4. Shedding Layers


As the temperatures creep up, the clothes come off. Instead of burying your body under shapeless sweaters and boots, you can break out the form-fitting clothes that show off your body.


Showing more skin and more of your body can make you instantly feel more confident, and that confidence is sexy! When you feel good in your clothes, you give off a sexy vibe that will make your partner (or even strangers) wonder what’s underneath.


Check out the extensive lingerie options at Romantic Adventures Pearl to find the perfect thing to wear under your clothes, so you feel sexy both in and out of your clothes. Try something bold and sexy. You’ll be surprised at how you carry yourself when your underwear makes you feel confident and hot.

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5. An Active Lifestyle Can Lead To More Action


Long, sunny days provide plenty of opportunities to be active and commit to new health goals. Whether you start running in your neighborhood or playing sports outside, there is no shortage of activities you can do to get (and stay) in good shape in the spring.


But what does this have to do with having more sex? A lot, actually! Whether you are meeting prospective love interests by playing team sports or joining a running club, or whether you’re working out alone, it’s no secret that being active and healthy is great for your sex life.

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When you are active regularly, you will feel confident in your body, have more energy for sex, and be more likely to put yourself out there in the dating game or with your current partner.




If you find yourself feeling sexier and wanting more sex once the weather gets nicer, you’re not alone. The newness of the season, combined with the many health benefits of sunshine and longer days, makes it the perfect time to enjoy more sex.


Romantic Adventures is your one-stop shop to help you find everything you need to spice up your sex life this spring. Check out the wide range of new sex toys, sexy lingerie, and everything in between to help you spring into action!

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